Fair Usage Policy

While the premium plan offers the advantage of generating countless characters per month, it is important to note that sharing the account among multiple users is not permitted.


Additionally, our partner OpenAI has implemented certain limits to ensure the safety and integrity of our service. The purpose of these generation limits, both per minute and per hour, is to discourage any automated or robotic behavior that could potentially lead to misuse or abuse of our platform. The specific limit varies depending on the use cases, with some allowing up to 3 generations per minute while others permit up to 10. 


Furthermore, our AI engine closely monitors and restricts certain types of usage behavior. In cases of abnormal, heavy usage within a short time period, the system automatically adjusts certain parameters temporarily. As a result, you may notice a slight decrease in the quality of the output during such instances. These adjustments are resolved with the start of your monthly cycle. 


We prioritize the safety and optimal functioning of our service, and these measures are in place to enhance user experience.


If you have been experiencing any difficulties with the quality of your output or generation process, we encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated support team at help@wordbotwizard.com We genuinely value your feedback and will gladly investigate the matter further to provide assistance and resolve any issues you may be experiencing. 


Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that in accordance with our Refund Policy, we are unable to offer any refunds for the services rendered.



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